Damnatio memoriae

'Wall' an installation by Thierry Noir and Stik applying their signature styles on remaining pieces of the Berlin wall at the entrance of the Migration Museum

The second article of our two-part series explores what can torn-down monuments tell us and explore new, more inclusive ways of preserving heritage and memories.


One of Europe’s Last Living Company Towns The most striking feature about industrial heritage is the coexistence of contrasts and contradictions in the places and cities heavily marked by industry in their history and society.Beauty is not the first thing people link with Monfalcone, a small coastal town in the northeast of Italy, near the… Continue reading Monfalcone

Villa Smeraldi, the Peasant and Farming Culture Museum

Today, Bologna and the Emilia Plain is one of the most modern, advanced and industrialized areas in Italy. But the region’s roots are agricultural, a kind of work that has mostly disappeared in the everyday life of the most people. However, no less than fifty years ago it was the base of the economy and… Continue reading Villa Smeraldi, the Peasant and Farming Culture Museum