Hot air balloons on the sky

Three-dimensional rorschach test: the hayal valley

Capadoccia, the region that emerged when the soft layers formed by lave and ashes were eroded by rain and wind. These structures' shapes cause one to ask ourselves "How can they stand in such balance?"

Wood dolls portraying a miners parade

Dressing up for the last shift

It is nothing new that the tangible legacy of mining is visibly present in the remotest parts of the Ore Mountains, in Germany.

Banned word: The ‘Uranium’

Banned word: The ‘Uranium’

We would not have known the reason behind the nebulous meanings and definitions of wismut in Bad Schlema in Saxony...

Dust in the rust

The Ore carts in Erzgebirge

Interactive objects of industrial heritage for self-connection Public places have been considered as places of interaction and exchange in numerous...

Display of costumes for Manneken Pis

A Little Man With a Big Wardrobe

The little fountain of Manneken-Pis in Brussels is visited every year by thousands of tourists. It is the background of pictures, inspiration for artists and part or the popular culture of the city. But not only the statuette offers a great attraction, its wardrobe, is on its own, something to admire.