Two Faces of Istanbul

Hagia Sophia / Photo: Ledio Karaj, 2020

Today, Istanbul blends tradition and modernity, it is an ancient city with an unparalleled cultural heritage. But beyond his rich history, how protected is the city’s cultural heritage and what does it offer for the future?

Exploring Present Day Heritage at the V&A

You enter a museum. Surrounding you are aged, priceless objects, protected by reflective glass walls. They are unique, rare ‘fossils’ of the past that must be saved from decay, so through them, we can learn about the history and people’s experiences of the past. But if we can learn about the past through objects, what… Continue reading Exploring Present Day Heritage at the V&A

Cycling the Limes

Sign in Archeon indicating the Roman area / Photo: Simone Both

Cycling is part of the daily routine in the Netherlands. So, this way of moving has taken over the way of access heritage as well. The Roman limes are visitable in the Netherlands following a 200km long bike lane. 

Quarry Turned Gallery – The Case of the Nagyharsány Statue Park

The gallery in the 1970s / Photo: István Kistelegdi

The Nagyharsányi Statue Park presents an alternative to the traditional gallery. It is an open-air statue exhibition in a former quarry – combining the studio, exhibition space and source of the pieces’ materials into one site.

Leonardo’s Last Supper in XX century

The Last Supper during the filming of “Il Miracolo della Cena. Le vicende del capolavoro di Leonardo da Vinci”; directed by Luigi Rognoni, 1953/Photo: Protographic Archive, former SBSAE of Milan/Pinacoteca di Brera, inv. no. 1095

Milan. Leonardo’s Last Supper hit by the bombs of the Second World War, the incredible restoration that lasted 20 years. Could there be a better way to narrate those moments than through the camera of who were present immortalizing them for us?

Archaeological Visits From Your Sofa

Ideal reconstruction of the Coaña hillfort, Spain, made by Aida Loy / Photo: Aida Loy

Travelling and visiting museums and archaeological sites is complicated nowadays. But internet offer us several options, created by specialists so we can enjoy these wonders without leaving the safety of our houses

Damnatio memoriae

'Wall' an installation by Thierry Noir and Stik applying their signature styles on remaining pieces of the Berlin wall at the entrance of the Migration Museum

The second article of our two-part series explores what can torn-down monuments tell us and explore new, more inclusive ways of preserving heritage and memories.