Exploring Present Day Heritage at the V&A

You enter a museum. Surrounding you are aged, priceless objects, protected by reflective glass walls. They are unique, rare ‘fossils’ of the past that must be saved from decay, so through them, we can learn about the history and people’s experiences of the past. But if we can learn about the past through objects, what… Continue reading Exploring Present Day Heritage at the V&A


Water, Beauty, Progress It is everywhere, impossible not to notice it, not to hear it. Water is certainly the most present element in the landscape of Tivoli. Waterfalls and fountains cannot be counted by exploring this ancient town around 30 km outside Rome. Inhabitants have wisely exploited its abundant water for centuries as a source… Continue reading Tivoli


One of Europe’s Last Living Company Towns The most striking feature about industrial heritage is the coexistence of contrasts and contradictions in the places and cities heavily marked by industry in their history and society.Beauty is not the first thing people link with Monfalcone, a small coastal town in the northeast of Italy, near the… Continue reading Monfalcone

The Bernina Railway

The Bernina Railway is an international line connecting St. Moritz, in the Swiss canton of Grisons, with the Lombard town of Tirano, Italy. Completely opened in 1910, it’s one of the most famous railways in the world due to the spectacular landscapes along its route and for its advanced level of engineering, especially in the time… Continue reading The Bernina Railway