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Exploring Present Day Heritage at the V&A

You enter a museum. Surrounding you are aged, priceless objects, protected by reflective glass walls. They are unique, rare ‘fossils’ of the past that must be saved from decay, so through them, we can learn about the history and people’s experiences of the past. But if we can learn about the past through objects, what […]

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Quarry Turned Gallery – The Case of the Nagyharsány Statue Park

The Nagyharsányi Statue Park presents an alternative to the traditional gallery. It is an open-air statue exhibition in a former quarry – combining the studio, exhibition space and source of the pieces’ materials into one site.

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Damnatio memoriae

The second article of our two-part series explores what can torn-down monuments tell us and explore new, more inclusive ways of preserving heritage and memories.

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Is Beauty Enough?

Why is the picture-perfect restoration of the Buda Castle causing so much controversy?