The European Heritage Times volunteers presenting all regions of Europe – from Spain in the West to Turkey in the East, from Norway in the North to Albania and Greece in the South. The professional background of the volunteers is very diverse, too – they have education in heritage linked topics as architecture, archaeology or history of arts, but also in other fields as geography or internet technologies. All of the European Heritage Times volunteers had been engaged previously for heritage – by creating a non-government organisation, by managing a blog on heritage linked issues or by participating in heritage volunteering projects. 

5th generation of authors (2022)

Katerina Ampela
Jiayao Jiang
Gosde Yildiz
Mina Plancic
Lisa Brown
Efrosinija Parevska
Blanca Alonso
Raquel Castillo
Angelica Vedana
Rea Terzin
Anna Grigoreva
Yoanna Markova

4th generation of authors (2019)

Aida Loy
Lianne Oonwalla
Karen Kiss
Silvia Demetri
Meetali Gupta
Joseph Tannous
Wanda Marcussen

3rd generation of Authors (2018)

Samuel Oer de Almeida

2nd generation of authors (2017)

Inna Starkova
Mariana Martinho
Petar Petrov
Anna Karla Almeida
Sorina Neacsu

1st generation of authors (2016)

Stenette Van den Berg
Jacopo Ibello
Benedicte Helegeer
Libe Torróntegui