What Are We Missing?

Since humans first stood and walked on two feet, walking has been a very reliable means of transportation, maybe the most reliable. It is true walking was more difficult in the past and that gender, social status and even fashion played a huge role. Nowadays we rely on comfortable shoes and flexible soles that can carry us anywhere. Mobile phones, headphones, traffic, faces or buildings keep us from literally watching our step and see cobblestones, for instance.

Today’s Work Is Tomorrow’s Heritage

In Bucharest lie countless examples of tangible and intangible heritage. Some characters from the past worked a great deal to make sure they leave behind a consistent and meaningful legacy, or simply put – heritage. Let us account for their effort differently. Not enriched with the means of Social Media and its participatory empowerment, 18th – 19th centuries socialising meant more awareness and survival.

Layers of History at Golesti (1)

Romanian Arges county hosts the “Golesti Viticulture and Tree Growing” Museum. The axis inside this heritage “filled” 12 hectares museum complex is the Golesti manor. It bears the name of an old boyar family of Wallachia (Romania’s historical southern region) – “Golescu”, informally known as “Golesti”.

Sharing Food, Sharing Heritage

The dining table unites family and friends, and if you look carefully enough you may notice that what’s on the table is far more than just festive food. Perhaps it’s a place of cherished traditions as well as fabulous feasts. When stuffing ourselves with mouth-watering foods, we often forget the rich heritage and legacy established by many generations past.