beyond one period buildings & monuments heritage education

The Boboli Obelisk – A Monument in Motion

The movement of an ancient Egyptian obelisk through space and time bears witness to the mobility and cultural role of architectural monuments.

300 BC – 500 AC archaeological heritage heritage education

The Speaking Snake Glycon, Ancient Oracles, and Voices of Dissent

The oracle of the speaking snake Glycon flourished in ancient Asia Minor. Although it enjoyed lasting popularity, dissident voices arose.

beyond one period gardens, parks & cemeteries heritage education

The Urban Lapidarium of Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, a rich architectural and sculptural heritage exhibited in the decelerating atmosphere of a Renaissance style garden is to be discovered.

archaeological heritage beyond one period heritage education

Pasquino – Talking Statue of Rome

The extraordinarily vivid reception and repurposing of an ancient Roman statue show several aspects of the handling of ancient material culture in Renaissance Rome.